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Fair Sapphires

Our Pioneering Work “Fair For Everyone”

We stand for responsible mining and the ethical fair processing of sapphires and other gemstones from Sri Lanka. We would like to give an insight into our work and explain what we understand by “fair” and “sustainable” in terms of nature and local people and how we implement this – this are not just buzzwords for us. It is important to know the background in order to understand where something comes from and what the local conditions are like. For us it is a privilege to work with rare coloured gemstones and this in accordance with our approach “Fair for Everyone”, our partners and employees in Sri Lanka and for our corporate clients and customers.

Small-scale mining in Sri Lanka

We operate small-scale pit and shallow mining in cooperatives together with local partners. There is no child labor in mining in Sri Lanka. The mining is done by hand without machine use. Of course it is a physically hard work that is firmly rooted in the Sri Lankan tradition, and over the generations, mining has been perfected ever further for efficient sapphire search.

In recent decades, mining in Sri Lanka has taken a very positive turn for the better, and uncontrolled mining is virtually non-existent. This is due to the strict government rules and controls in mining and the process of obtaining mining licenses. Probably the best conditions for sustainable mining worldwide.

Traditional and environmentally friendly mining

Our mine mining follows traditional Sri Lankan methods by hand, which have been proven for centuries. Tradition is very important for the mining families, who are proud of their work and pass on their knowledge to their coming generations. Believing and praying before each layer of mines is a firm ritual, and with each major gemstone find it is celebrated extensively.

Only natural materials such as wood and ferns from the region are used to build and secure the mine tunnels. The resulting impact on soil, water and air is therefore negligible. Once mining has ended, the mine will be renaturalised to ensure minimal impact on the landscape.

Of course every mining operation is an intervention in nature, but the question is how to keep the impact on the environment and local people to a minimum. So far, we and our partners have been very successful in doing this, even though further efforts are always needed to implement further changes and improvements – the path is the goal.

Responsibility for People & Nature

We work exclusively with miners from the region on a long-term basis. The direct involvement of the local community is very important for the people and for social cohesion in the various mine regions. A fair remuneration of our workers and participation in the gemstone discoveries is essential for our values. We also guarantee this by attaching value to all gemstone qualities and selling them through partners. Even if we do not process them ourselves, our workers receive a share of the profits.

For our mine workers and have introduced extensive health and safety regulations. On the one hand, safety when going down into the mine galleries, the wearing of protective clothing in the mine and, last but not least, simple technical solutions that make work safer and at the same time make it easier. We have created good working conditions through work structures and clear organization. This makes us an attractive and sustainable local employer, for young people who choose to work in the mining industry and for our highly motivated employees. Together with our mine workers we consider what we can improve next, in line with Sri Lanka’s traditional mining and national rules.

Fair and Sustainable Employer in Sri Lanka

The search and processing of gemstones in Sri Lanka has a very long and colorful history that continues to this day and determines the daily lives of many people. Entrepreneurial responsibility begins on a small scale, here you can actively change and improve things. Through our sustainable mining practices we contribute to the local empowerment of the communities. We are proud to leave the entire value creation of this rare natural resources in the country of origin and secure jobs locally. Our employees appreciate their steady job and pay us back with great motivation and thankfulness.

Our rough stone selection and graduation for the finest gemstone qualities take place in cooperation with partners who have many decades of experience in this crucial field. We pass on the medium qualities of transparency and clarity directly to other dealer networks. Even the thermal treatment of rough sapphires is carried out by experts who master “the fine art of heating”. The cooperation with our partners is characterized by high loyalty, close friendship and great mutual respect, in addition to the common passion for the “myth of colored gemstones”.

We work with talented cutters, depending on their skills and specialization, we also work occasionally with cutters on contract for larger orders. In addition to safe cutting places with suitable cutting equipment. We have implemented fixed processes and structures in the processing for our gemstones and every bespoke cutting order we discuss personally in close teamwork with our experienced cutters. For fine cuts and best brilliance, we pay our cutters based on working hours and not for volume or carat weight. This guarantees us our promise for quality and value, as often a re-cut is necessary for the perfect facetted sapphire. Female empowerment is important to us and we employ a higher stake of women as cutters, in our quality management and in administrative work.

Our credo: “We can only be as good as our employees and cooperation partners – only together can we achieve change – our success proves us right, but our vision to continuously improve everything is our the goal!”

Fair Ceylon Sapphires Our Principles

CEYLONS’s criteria for responsible mining and ethical fair processing:
  • Natural Ceylon sapphires & gems from the mines in the highlands of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • We know about origin of our gems and sustainable framework conditions
  • “Mine to market” – we as producer offer all from a single source without any middleman
  • Rough gemstones are sourced directly from our mines for further internal processing
  • Environmentally friendly “small scale pit mining” in manual work, no machines
  • “Responsible mining” – our mining practices does not harm soil, water and air
  • Renaturation of nature after mine closure, minimal impact on landscape
  • Long-term cooperation with miners from the region, no child labor
  • “Ethical processing” – fair process steps from rough to faceted gemstone
  • Fair share and comprehensive health and safety working conditions for miners and cutters
  • Good working conditions and organization, attractive and sustainable local employer
  • Direct involvement of the local community and strengthening of female empowerment

The Highland Complex in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the world’s oldest known source for the best quality sapphires and gemstones. The geology of the country’s valleys has created the conditions to create a bounty of precious stones in the country’s gem bearing district. Ceylon or Sri Lanka is called “Rathna Deepa” in the native language and it means “Land of Gems”. The name is a reflection of its natural wealth. Sri Lanka’s gem industry has a very long and colourful history. It has been estimated that nearly 25% of the total area of Sri Lanka is potentially gem-bearing, making Sri Lanka one of the country’s richest in gems having the highest density of gem deposits compared to its landmass. This also highlights the importance of Ceylon for the international gemstone trade and local gemstone industry.