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Insights About Sri Lanka

Ceylon sapphires from the treasure island of Sri Lanka are considered the finest sapphires in the world. Join us and explore our sapphire deposits in Sri Lanka’s highland complex.

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Value Investment of Jewels

Ceylon sapphires are an extremely scarce natural resource. They are rarer than diamonds and are considered an extremely valuable investment. Knowledge about quality and exact origin determines a jewel’s value and future value growth.

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Trust Building by Certification

Trustworthiness is at the very foundation of gem trading. Our fairly sourced natural and untreated gemstones are certified by gemological reports from internationally renowned gem laboratories.

Unheated Sapphires

Only about 2% of all sapphires on the market are " No heat" in fine quality. Blue Sapphires in natural color are particularly precious because of their rarity. We are able to offer non-heated blue sapphires in remarkable sizes and color tones for our exclusive customers.

High-carat & exclusive jewels

Sapphires in remarkable sizes are unique “one of a kind” pieces. We have them, the rarest & most sought-after Ceylon sapphires. Just magnificent and valuable for our exclusive customers who looking for scarce jewels.

Padparadscha Sapphire aka “King Sapphire”

The Ceylon King Sapphire, named after the lotus flower "Padmaraja" in the Sinhalese, is one of the most precious gemstones in the world due to its intensive salmon colour in the colour scheme pink-orange.

Sapphires in all Rainbow Colours

Nature gives us Ceylon sapphires in addition to the familiar shades of blue in pink, purple, yellow, orange, and white. A unique colour spectrum.

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Our Values

Our promise of value as an ethical gemstone supplier is based on our commitment to quality, and knowing 100% the origin source, and processing method of every gemstone. Our business and trading is modeled on the “mine to market” approach; a strategy that eliminates middlemen and gives us the best quality to price ratio while guaranteeing sustainable, fair trade practices for our Ceylon sapphires.

For us, “fair sapphires” is a term that is integral for our business and reflects responsible mining practices, ethical processing and trading of gemstones, and uplifting local communities. Our stones are “fair for everyone” because they are fair for all our stakeholders, whether you are a corporate client, individual customer, miner, gem cutter, or partner!

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Our Journey

All from a single source – mine to market approach from rough stone to facetted Ceylon sapphire

High Precision Cutting

Our rough sapphires have been individually selected and cut with the utmost care for the finest quality

Pride In Tradition

We follow traditional mining practices & the great art & craft of cutting – we are proud of our talented miners & cutters

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