Frequently asked Questions


What is CEYLONS and what does CEYLONS stand for?
  • CEYLONS is a wholesaler for fine and fair sapphires working on a B2B level.  We are leading a movement to a future where the industry is fair for everyone.
  • For businesses and individuals looking for gemstones CEYLONS offers a wide range of fine and fair sapphires with the knowledge of origin — each stone mined responsibly and promising sustainability.
What can I expect after submitting an Inquiry?
  • After successfully submitting an inquiry with us we will process your request and get back to you within 24 hours.
Next Steps
Where do you source your Sapphires from?
  • Our goal is to source all our sapphires from our mines in Sri Lanka in the near future. We are always completely transparent on sources and origin of our stones. We will support you on your requirements in the best possible way.
Do you also sell finished jewellery?
  • No, we do not sell finished Jewlery directly from the showcases, but you can contact us find a goldsmith or jeweller nearby you.
Do you collaborate with sustainable brands?
  • Absolutely, our vison is to shape the world to be fair for everyone; the people, the processes and the product. As we stand for sustainability, we pay special attention to fair and ethical brands who interested in working with us. Please contact our team at or by phone at +49 89 45231418.
How does the purchase of gemstones at CEYLONS work?
  • Once you contact us, we find the perfect match to your desired sapphire. Of course, we need some details Ex - colour, size, shape, cut and budget to helps us find you the best gemstone.
Do you only work with natural sapphires?
  • Yes, we only source and cut natural sapphires from our mines in Sri Lanka. We believe in natural resources and the true beauty of the nature. Synthetic gemstones and sapphires in our perception have no aspect of rarity and value, same for any kind of treatment which is subject to labelling.
Who guarantees me the authenticity of the gemstones?
  • For valuable gemstones we work with international well-known gemmological laboratories to ensure the authenticity by a written report. Often our customer chooses the preferred gem lab if the stone is not certified yet. For smaller stones we give an inhouse certificate to ensure gemstone criteria. Gem certificates get more and more important, and we fulfil our customer’s wishes to feel secure and safe with the purchase of course.

Shipping and Returns

How does shipping work?
  • Express delivery is of course possible. In special individual cases, we also deliver personally. Additional costs for an express delivery (Ex - air freight, express train, single courier, special trips) you will find out directly from us. We have already performed many miracles! For every shipment we send out are tracked ensuring a safe way of delivery to our customers.
Can I coordinate the delivery in advance?
  • Of course, if you need the sapphires asap, we will ship express on priority and be transparent of the cost of shipment. If you wish to have the gemstone at a certain date, we also can manage to do – it’s all up to a good communication. Having third parties involved as shipping couriers it always makes sense to have a time buffer, sometimes it can take one day longer as expected – better be on the safe side.
Do you ship to international customers?
  • Yes, we operate with international shipping couriers and worldwide shipment is our daily business. We also export outside of the European Union. However, we will face higher costs for international shipments and customs clearance but, to cater you the best matching gemstone this should not be a hurdle.
My package has not arrived. What should I do?
  • Please contact our customer service team at or by phone at +49 89 45231418. We will help you immediately, to find out where your package is.
Help! There is a problem with my sapphire. What do I do now?
  • Satisfied and happy customers are our greatest wish! Should something not be to your satisfaction, we will certainly find a solution. Please contact us by phone at +49 89 45231418
Do you offer returns?
  • Yes, we do. In terms of high values, we offer our clients to get the goods picked up and sent back by one of our shipping couriers. For even higher values we are backed by our special insurance agreements. At the end of the day, we intend to provide a good service with an open and straight communication and a fair split of occurring fees. In general, we ship out the goods and our customers return the goods back to us. 

Fair Sapphires

What are Fair Sapphires?
  • To know under what conditions a gemstone was mined one must know exactly where a gemstone was found. To learn more about fair sapphires, visit this link.
Which sapphire makes the most sense from an environmental and social perspective?
  • This is difficult to answer and would depend on your personal perspective. However, hardly any gemstone can really be traced back to the mine where the stone was found. Determining the origin on a country-by-country basis is possible in most cases, but unfortunately costly and in some cases inconclusive. One could go to the few corundum from the western world, such as Greenland, which prioritize labour protection for miners and keep the ecological impact low. But here, unfortunately, we would not get the colour diversity of the compound (sapphires and rubies) and would have only very monotonous colours.  The value of sapphires has been very high for many years, which leads to the fact that currently everywhere sapphires are available, they are also mined. Our experience is: Whenever sapphires are present in the ground, someone will mine it! Therefore, ecologically and socially just concepts are needed to revolutionize the worldwide gemstone mining. We start small but with our concept you always support the situation of the miners and at the same time their families, the economy in Sri Lanka, as well as the preservation of the ecosystems. You have the agony of choice! 
What is a ‘Blood Diamond'? Does this account to sapphires?
  • By formal definition, a ‘blood diamond’ or ‘conflict stone’ is a diamond that has served to finance a warlike conflict. Countries that are at war are excluded from the international diamond trade, ‘banned’.  These are currently Ex - Congo or Sierra Leone. In our opinion this must be considered for Coloured gemstone around the world as well as this can substantially add to financing of warlike actions.


Is a gemstone suitable for long-term investment?
  • Gemstones are small and light, stable in value and have tens of times higher value concentration than all other known investments, such as gold. They can be easily stored, transported and passed on.
How do you determine the value of a sapphire?
  • We have the experience and knowledge to examine the value of sapphires as we are practitioners of the 4 C’s (carat, colour, clarity and cut). Essentially, we look at the gemstone laying on our hand in a distance of 10-15cm and judge the quality.
  • It is utmost important view the stone in daylight which might differ from Asian to North America and Europa. For coloured gems, the most crucial value is the colour. Then the clarity and of course the carat weight which shows the level of rareness, and the cut is often a matter of taste, as we only offer perfectly cut stones to our customers fulfilling our inhouse quality assessment.

Sapphire Facts

What are the 4 ‘C’ in gemstones?
  • Just as with other gemstones, the carat weight, clarity, cut, and colour have significant control over how a sapphire appears and its quality. To learn more about the 4Cs, visit this link
How can I identify the difference between a natural gemstone and a treated gemstone?
  • As a layman: not at all. Treatments can only be determined by gemmological laboratories and described in the certificates. The Natural Gem delivers every gemstone with at least one certificate from an independent gemmological laboratory.
Are there fakes in gemstones?
  • Yes, unfortunately, the range of fakes or the artificial enhancement options is very wide. This is exactly why it is important that you buy only gemstones with a certificate from an independent gemmological laboratory.
Are gemstones indestructible?
  • ‘Hardness’ is described as resistance to a penetrating object. This says nothing about brittleness or cleavability; diamond, for example, is very cleavable, emerald is relatively brittle. So, unfortunately, gemstones are not indestructible.
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