The world's first CO2-neutral gemstone mine

The Ecomine Project is a pioneering effort to reshape the gemstone industry through the establishment of Sri Lanka's inaugural self-sustaining and environmentally-friendly sapphire mine.

This innovative endeavor aims to go beyond gem extraction, focusing on developing a globally replicable, sustainable, ethical, and community-centered mining model.

Vision 1 : Carbon-Free Mining and Operations
Vision 2 : Zero Waste Approach
Vision 3 : Creating a Diversified Income for  Miners and Resilient Community
Vision 4 : Improving Working Conditions and Safety
Vision 5 : Creating a Work-Friendly Environment
ECOMINE - The First Self Sustaining Mine of the World
ECOMINE - The Community Hut

The Community Hut

The Main Community Hut at Ecomine exemplifies sustainable design and a community-centered ethos.

Built primarily from locally sourced bamboo and seamlessly integrated with indigenous landscaping, it embodies eco-friendly principles. This structure underscores Ecomine's dedication to the welfare of miners and the fostering of community bonds.

Energy System

Ecomine's Energy System represents a profound dedication to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. Our commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of mining operations is exemplified by our utilization of renewable energy sources (100%), primarily solar and hydropower, to power our mining activities.

In our pursuit of sustainable energy, we leverage the abundant sunlight that graces the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka. Through the installation of state-of-the-art solar panels, we harness the sun's energy to generate electricity. This not only reduces our reliance on conventional fossil fuels but also mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing positively to the local and global environment.

ECOMINE - Energy System
ECOMINE - Aquaponic Greenhouse

Aquaponic Greenhouse

The Aquaponic Greenhouse represents an enduring symbol of Ecomine's unwavering commitment to enhancing the economic resilience of our valued miners. Rooted in our belief that a sustainable future extends beyond gemstone extraction, this innovative initiative integrates aquaponics farming (plant and fish) into our mining ecosystem.

By design, this venture extends its impact far beyond the mine's boundaries. It is a testament to our broader commitment to responsible business practices and community well-being. Through sustainable aquaponics farming within this greenhouse, we not only create additional income streams for our miners but also foster an environment of self-sufficiency and community resilience.

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ECOMINE - Show Interest & Experience ECOMINE
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Energy System