April 25, 2023
Interesting Facts About Sapphires

26 Interesting Facts About Sapphires

One of the most precious jewels in existence, sapphires are treasured for their exquisite blue tones. But did you know that the Latin word "sapphirus," which means "blue," is where the name sapphire originates? Or that Sri Lanka, commonly known as "Rathna Deepa" or the "Land of Gems," is where the earliest blue sapphire deposit was discovered? These are just a few of the many interesting facts about sapphires that you'll discover in this blog.

So, whether you're planning on purchasing a sapphire gem or are just curious about these precious stones, keep reading to discover all the fun facts about sapphires.

Gemological Facts about Sapphire 

Interesting Facts About Sapphires
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1. Sapphires are a variety of mineral corundum in different colours

Sapphires are so much more than what meets the eye! They are varieties of the mineral corundum in different colors. Although if you happen to come across a red variety of corundum, consider yourself lucky - this is actually a rare and precious ruby!

2. Sapphires that change color do exist

An interesting fact about sapphires is that some can change color, much like alexandrite. When exposed to low light conditions, these sapphires can transform from their blue appearance in daylight to violetish blue, purple, or reddish purples. A special interaction between the sapphire and light sources, specifically a reaction between the sapphire's absorption of particular light waves and the shifting spectrum output of the light source, results in the color change in some sapphires.

3. Sapphires are very tough

Sapphires are among the hardest and most precious gems on Earth On the Mohs scale of hardness, they score an astounding 9 out of 10. With only diamonds being harder, Sapphires are a force to be reckoned with and are truly remarkable minerals. Fun fact about sapphire - they are the second hardest natural mineral known to mankind! So, if you're looking for a long-lasting and durable gem, this would be the ideal choice!

4. Sapphires are relatively rare

These precious stones are extremely rare, which raises their value. An interesting fact about sapphires, while Sapphires of up to three carats are common, anything over five carats is genuinely unusual and in high demand, especially transparent sapphires with good clarity and color distribution. They are desirable additions to any jewelry collection due to their durability and scarcity.

5. Sapphires come in almost every colour of the rainbow

Interesting facts about sapphires that may surprise you is that Sapphires can be found in a variety of colors, including pink, peach, purple, yellow, orange, green, teal, and even colorless. So next time you think of sapphires, don't just limit yourself to a rich blue color!

6. Sapphires get their rainbow of colors from trace elements within the mineral corundum

The secret behind their vibrant hues lies in the trace elements within the mineral corundum. Do you know what creates that stunning shade of blue in blue Sapphires? It's the presence of iron and titanium! And have you ever wondered why some Sapphires have a pink or ruby tone? It's all thanks to varying levels of chromium. Isn't it amazing to think that such a small element can have such a big impact on the appearance of these magnificent gemstones? This is just one of the many interesting facts about Sapphire.

7. Sapphires are typically heated at a temperature of 1700-1900° Celsius

Sapphires are fascinating gemstones, and the process of enhancing their beauty involves heating them at high temperatures. While it may sound intense, Sapphires can withstand temperatures as high as 1700-1900° Celsius without melting. To put this in perspective, silver has a melting point of 962.8°C and gold of 1064°C, while sapphires melt under the incredibly intense heat of around 2050° Celsius (3722° Fahrenheit). This high-temperature heating process helps to bring out the stunning colors and clarity of Sapphires, making them an even more breathtaking gemstone to behold.

8. Star sapphires get their name and unique starburst effect from the presence of white silk or rutile in the mineral corundum

Star sapphires are special varieties of sapphires that showcase a stunning starburst effect. The mesmerizing six-ray star pattern on the surface of the cabochon-cut sapphire is what gives the stone its unique name and character.

9. The bi-colour sapphire is a rare gemstone that boasts two colors due to color zoning

These rare gems boast two distinct colors, a result of the fascinating phenomenon known as colour zoning. It happens when different trace elements that give the sapphire its color are unevenly distributed in the crystal during its formation.

10. Sapphires are pleochroic stones that exhibit different colors from different viewing angles

Sapphires reveal a mesmerizing play of color, with the same stone appearing differently from different angles, due to their pleochroism nature, where greenish-blue and violetish-blue hues are often observed in blue sapphires.

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Historical Facts about Sapphire

Interesting Facts About Sapphires
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11. A royal blue sapphire given by Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer is the most famous sapphire

In 1981, England’s Prince Charles presented Lady Diana Spencer, with a diamond-encrusted oval royal blue sapphire weighing 12 carats, as an engagement ring. The fun fact is that this ring is known as the most famous royal blue sapphire in the world.

12. The largest and most valuable sapphire in the world was discovered in Sri Lanka

The largest and most expensive sapphire in the world is called "The Star of Adam," a magnificent blue star sapphire that weighs 1,404 carats. Fun fact, this gemstone, which is worth at least $100 million, was found in a mine in Sri Lanka in 2016. Imagine owning such a beautiful and historic piece.

13. The birthstone for September is a sapphire

Sapphires are known to be the birthstone of September and are customarily given as anniversary gifts for couples marking their 5th or 45th wedding anniversaries. These are just a few interesting facts about sapphires that make them more than simply a beautiful gemstone but also a symbol of love and commitment.

14. Sapphires have been prized for thousands of years, with the oldest blue sapphire deposit found in Sri Lanka

Sapphires, a timeless treasure, have captured the hearts of many civilizations throughout history. From the Roman Empire's regal elegance to Persia's lavish courts and beyond, these precious stones have made their mark. Sri Lanka holds a special place in sapphire history, as the oldest blue sapphire deposit was discovered there and has been sought after since 480 BC when the term "Sapphire from Sri Lanka" was first used.

15. Explorer Marco Polo gave Sri Lanka the title "Gem Island"

The brilliant sapphires of Sri Lanka have been a source of wonder for generations, an interesting fact about sapphires is that it was none other than Marco Polo who gave the island its well-deserved moniker of "Gem Island".

16. The sapphire has a long-standing reputation as a symbol of royalty and love

For centuries, sapphires have been the epitome of royalty and romance. With their rich, deep blue hue and regal history of being donned by medieval kings, it's no surprise that sapphires have been synonymous with the color "royal blue". But, it's not just royalty who have been enchanted by these stunning gems. Sapphires were also a popular choice for Victorian era engagement rings, surrounded by twinkling diamonds in captivating floral designs, symbolizing love and devotion. Today, sapphire engagement rings are a timeless and elegant choice.

17. The sapphire symbolizes the wearer's commitment to truth, peace, and good health, along with their noble character

Not only are sapphires visually stunning, but they've been imbued with mystical meanings throughout history, from bringing peace and good health to symbolizing truth and faithfulness.

18. Sapphire made history as one of the earliest gemstones to be artificially grown in a lab, dating back to 1902

Sapphires have a rich history of being crafted by both nature and human hands. They were one of the first gemstones to be synthesized in a laboratory back in 1902, making it difficult to distinguish between natural and lab-grown stones. But even long before that, heat treatment of corundum has been practiced since 1240 AD, adding to the fascinating story of these precious gems.

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General Facts about Sapphire

Interesting Facts About Sapphires
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19. The rarest type of sapphire is found in Sri Lanka

An interesting fact about sapphires is that one of the rarest and most expensive sapphire kinds known as the "padparadscha" originated in Sri Lanka. It is a pinkish-orange color that is extremely rare, which makes them highly sought-after and expensive.

20. The most desirable sapphires are a mid-toned blue with a strong hue that doesn't change color

The color of a sapphire is one of its more important qualities. Fun fact about sapphires, a mid-toned blue with a strong hue that remains unchanged regardless of the lighting is the most valuable and desired sapphire in the world.

21. Sri Lanka sources the finest sapphires in the world

An interesting fact about sapphires is that although they can be found around the world, Sri Lanka sources the best sapphires. As Sri Lanka has a flourishing mining activity and active deposits, it is known to have sapphires with some of the finest qualities in the world.

22. Sapphire's color and clarity are considered its most important quality factors

Fun fact about sapphires, it's actually all about the hue and brilliance! The color and clarity of a sapphire determine its beauty and value, so it's crucial to get it right. A perfectly cut sapphire should reflect light and showcase its rich color to the fullest. And while some might swoon over a rich royal blue, others prefer the delicate charm of a cornflower blue. Ultimately, the most popular color of sapphire is a matter of personal taste. However, do watch out for sapphires with windows, which is when the center lacks colours and doesn’t reflect light.

23. Untreated sapphires are extremely rare and grow scarce

Unlike diamonds, which once were considered a rare gemstone but are now widely available due to large deposits discovered in Africa and controlled by a cartel to keep prices up, untreated sapphires remain a truly unique and rare find. As time passes and their scarcity increases, the value of untreated sapphires only continues to soar, making them a wise investment for the discerning gem collector.

24. Exceptional durability and one-of-a-kind beauty make sapphires the perfect gemstone for a timeless engagement ring

For those looking to make a lasting statement of love and commitment, the durability and one-of-a-kind beauty of sapphires make them the ideal choice for an engagement ring. With their ability to withstand the test of time and their distinctive appearance, sapphires truly embody the timeless nature of true love.

25. Sapphires can be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Unlike other precious gems like emerald, opal, pearl, tanzanite, tourmaline, peridot, turquoise, jade, lapis, and coloured diamonds, sapphires can handle the power of ultrasonic cleaning without any harm. It’s a great way to keep your sapphires clean and shiny.

26. Sapphires possess incredible versatility and hold immense promise for industrial applications

Fun fact about sapphires, they have great potential for industrial use due to their remarkable hardness and durability. It is commonly used for items such as spectroscopy, lenses for watches, barcode scanners in grocery stores, optics, lasers and even in the screens of smartwatches, like the scratch-resistant Apple Watch Series 3 and many Swiss watches. Its versatility and toughness make sapphire a game-changer in fields such as optics, lasers, and more.

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Sapphires From Ceylons Munich

Sapphires are truly magnificent works of nature that have enchanted people's hearts for generations. They have a long history and have been prized for their extraordinary qualities and breathtaking beauty. There is no better place to buy a sapphire than Sri Lanka, the land of gems. Everyone can find something they like in Sri Lanka, from the vivid colors of a Padparadscha to the deep blue tones of a traditional Ceylon sapphire. Contact us today and get your perfect sapphire.

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What are the 3 uses of sapphire?

Sapphires are highly durable and can be used to make jewelry, create watch crystals, and high-durability windows.

What does a sapphire symbolise?

Sapphires symbolize nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, and therefore have been worn by royalty and clergy for centuries.

Do sapphires break easily?

Sapphires are made of corundum, therefore they are highly durable, won't easily crack or chip, and are even tougher than diamonds. 

How did sapphire get its name?

The Greek word "sapphirus," which means "blue," is where the name "sapphire" originates. 

What are sapphires’ powers?

Many people contend sapphires can improve your ability to concentrate, be more creative, think more clearly, and be happier. It is also said to aid in eradicating unfavorable feelings and ideas.

Does sapphire glow in the dark?

Normally, sapphires don't glow, but when exposed to UV light, they can emit a bluish-white tint that is more noticeable in man-made colorless sapphires.

Why is sapphire so special?

Sapphires are durable and have a high level of hardness, scoring a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them suitable for everyday wear in jewelry. Additionally, sapphires have a shine and brilliance that make them popular for various types of jewelry.

What can damage a sapphire?

Sapphires and rubies can be damaged easily when heat is mishandled during the repair or creation of jewelry.

How rare is a sapphire?

Fine quality sapphires are not common and are considered to be rare. Unlike diamonds, which are widely available and used in various types of jewelry, sapphires are not as readily found. 

Can you get a sapphire wet?

To keep your sapphire jewelry in good condition, use warm water and a gentle brush to clean it, being careful not to soak the stone. Avoid using harsh cleaning products, and never use solvents like alcohol or acetone to clean them.

Are sapphires bulletproof?

Sapphires are known for their strength and durability, being almost as hard as diamonds. However, they are not indestructible and are not bulletproof.

What is the oldest sapphire?

The ancient Etruscan civilization, dating back to 600-275 BC, utilized Sri Lankan sapphires in their jewelry, solidifying Sri Lanka's status as the oldest known source of sapphires in the Western world.

What is the rarest color of sapphire?

‘Padparadscha’ and cornflower blue are the rarest colors of sapphire.


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