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Sunday, 05 November 2017
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Mas Montagnette,
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Responsible Mining

We operate small-scale pit and shallow pit mining in cooperation with local partners to offer ethically sourced gems to our customers.

Fair Processing

From rough stone in our mines to finished polished gemstone we stand for transparent & fair conditions

Fair Sapphires

If you are interested in “fair sapphires”, we are your trustful supplier. Our approach to the gem trade is to introduce transparency and traceability into each step of the value chain and establish the concept of responsible mined and fair processed gemstones for the environment and local communities. To make a long story short – “fair for everyone” from “mine to market”!


Joint Venture Mining

We run our gem mining business as joint venture with partners. Sri Lanka’s regulations are on things like the ownership of land, mines and mine licences very strict. Foreigners may only own shares, not sole ownership.

The traditional practices in Sri Lanka entitle everyone involved in the mining process, (miners, mining licensee, land owner, etc.) to a fair portion of the findings resulting sales, just like a shareholder of a company; and this has been a practice which goes back many hundreds of years. Thus ensuring we only offer Fair Trade Gemstones.

People, Communities and Environment

Mining in Sri Lanka is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable based on traditional mining practices by hand without machinery use. Mines are constructed using local natural materials that have prioritized the safety of the miners.


We work exclusively with miners from the region for the long term and in close cooperation. The direct involvement of the local community is very important to people and to social cohesion across the different mining areas.

Mining traditions are very important, there are fixed rituals and practices that are still alive today. Traditionally, no women work as miners in mining. We stand for female empowerment (value women’s self-determination and their independence,) and employ women in the processing of our precious gemstones.


Insights into the Gemstone Industry in Sri Lanka

Background to the deep roots of Sri Lanka with its rare and precious gemstone treasures, their historical and geological feature (specificity) and applicable rules and regulations for mining and trade.


Traditional art of gem processing

Tradition is very important for the mining families, who are proud of their work and pass on their knowledge and experience to their coming generations. Let’s have a look at daily praying routines or how traditional cutting and original heating has evolved.