Investment Into Gemstones

Rare, Beautiful and Desirable.

The factors above are met by gemstones, but this doesn’t necessarily make it a good investment. One has to be careful.

Why Invest into Gemstones?

The current status of the global economy has taught us that uncertainty has resulted in an increase in the number of volatile investment options.

Alternative investments, such as natural gemstones, have experienced a renaissance as a result of these high-risk investment tactics, which is not surprising given that they have been utilized as a manner of storing wealth for more than 5,000 years.

The amount of natural gemstones available on the market is restricted. There will be no more because a gemstone takes millions of years to form naturally.

Many of the world's large producing mines have already been mined out or are on their way to being mined out. Even if additional discoveries are made, they are limited supplies that will eventually run out. Demand will rise as the world's population grows and markets like China developing a understanding for these valuable stones. Natural gemstones will only increase in value in the future, in our opinion.

Although there are often fast profit possibilities with individual gemstones, these natural products should always be regarded as long-term investments of at least 5 to 10 years.

Value Investments - Ceylon SapphiresValue Investments - Value Investment Gemstones

Great Benefits from this Alternative Investment Option

  • Gemstones do not lose their value when they are set in jewelry. As a result, they're a fantastic, wearable art and investment at the same time.
  • Wish to concentrate the highest possible value in the smallest possible volume.
  • Opportunity in long-term capital growth.
  • Possession of a transportable item that can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Hazzle free as no further attention, no maintenance and service costs required to keep value.

Which Gemstones should be considered as an Investment?

The answer is straightforward and can be found when looking into the past: it is always the same stones that are familiar to practically everyone and which have been worn by royals.

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

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A combination of two factors determine the value of a gemstone!

  • The intrinsic value – the stone’s market value and possible historic value (if e.g. worn by Napoleon).
  • Its aesthetic value.
Value Investments - Sapphire

Since we are a specialised in sapphires we would like to focus on this gemstone as here we are able to offer the greatest opportunity to you.

We are proudly able to say that we are the First Company offering NFT Investment into Sapphires.

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What should be considered when Investing in Gemstones?

Value Investments - The investment period

The Investment Period.

Gemstones steadily increase in value over time. They are thus suitable for long-term investment and complement other investment types.

Value Investments - The type of gemstone

The Type of Gemstone.

Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds have been treasured and traded globally for over 5000 years, according to history and are probably the safest to invest to.

Value Investments - The type and quality of the gemstone

The Type and Quality of the Gemstone.

We encourage considering gemstones of the highest quality for investment purposes. Within your budget, favour smaller, but purer and more scintillant stones.

Value Investments - The certificate

The Certificate.

The considered sapphire should have a certificate and valuation from an independent world-wide recognised gemmological institute. (i.e. SSEF, DSEF, GRS or GIA).

Value Investments - Beauty


The sapphire you consider should attract you and convince you by its appearance. First of all you will enjoy looking at it but also because attractive gemstones are easier to liquidise again when required.

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