May 22, 2023
Sapphire Stone Effects

Sapphire - Effect and meaning

Sapphire is one of the most effective healing and precious stones. It is also the stone of fidelity, love, peace and tranquility.

It exists in all possible color variations, it is used in the most diverse areas and has been known for its protective and healing effects for thousands of years - the sapphire. Since the Middle Ages, people have known about its ability to strengthen the nerves and calm the mind.  

The sapphire is also a gemstone of knowledge and wisdom. In stone healing, it is said to have the following properties: It promotes focus on a goal and helps achieve goals through strength of mind. Through the clear alignment of thoughts, ideas and plans can be realized more quickly. The sapphire supports a self-critical attitude and encourages to examine one's own life. What does not stand up to this examination is reconsidered and possibly even discarded. Sapphire strengthens faith and the love of truth. Since it strengthens the decisiveness and the will to be active again, sapphire is also a good companion to get out of difficult circumstances.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about the gemstone sapphire, its effects and meaning.

The sapphire and its classification

Together with rubies, sapphires belong to the corundum group. The same mineralogical type of stone, only in different colors. The very hard mineral is second only to the diamond on the hardness scale with a Mohs hardness of 9. The color variety of sapphire is diverse.  

While only intense red stones are called rubies, the color spectrum of sapphires ranges from all colors of the rainbow and in all color intensities from light to intense. The sapphire is said to have a number of healing effects and positive influences, which is important for many people, it is nice to deal with this topic and learn something new.  

Mythology and history of sapphire

The sapphire has been known for a very long time, however, until about 1300, the word was used for all blue gemstones, but preferably for lapis lazuli. The Latins knew sapphires (late Latin sapphirus), the ancient Greeks as well (ancient Greek sappheiros), even the even older Aramaeans (Aramaic sampîr = "the beautiful one"), the Hebrews (sappir), the Arabs (safîr or ancient Iranian sani-prijam) and the Indians (Sanskrit shanipriya). All these peoples attributed healing properties to sapphire, dominated by the statement that it has a calming effect. This refers mainly to the sky-blue variety. In addition to tranquility, the sapphire also represents purity and peace.

Sapphire Stone Effects

The sapphire and its healing effect as a healing stone

Since ancient times, people have appreciated the sapphire as a mysterious and popular gemstone. It is said to have many positive properties. Especially in Asian countries it is considered the stone of truth and friendship. In Europe, the focus is more on the belief in the power of the stone, which is transferred to the owner or the wearer of the stone. Sapphires are said to confer honor and even immortality. The gemstone is considered a symbol of wealth and knowledge.

In ancient Egypt, priests wore it in amulets to ward off evil and strengthen the spirit. Wisdom and knowledge were attributed to him by the Romans and Greeks. It was and is also a popular gemstone for medicinal applications. Like many other gemstones, sapphire is said to possess energies that are transmitted to humans. The sky blue gemstone, which is an important main stone for the zodiac sign Pisces, expresses love and longing. The color blue indicates everything that is steady and reliable. The stone of fidelity, love and chastity is also said to give peace. It provides protection from infidelity, hatred and fright. Rulers, sovereigns and priests from earlier times carried in as a talisman.

As a protective and healing stone, people wore it close to the body. In the Bible it is mentioned as one of the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem. It is considered a gemstone with the highest energy. The celibacy ring of every cardinal is a sapphire ring worn on the right, blessing hand. Its esoteric properties are complemented by numerous effects on the body, mind and spirit.

In ancient times, kings wore it as a decorative and protective stone, in the Middle Ages Hildegard of Bingen described the sapphire, its effects and possible applications in more detail. For centuries, sapphire has been used as a healing stone, and to this day it is one of the most important healing stones of all.

In addition to its magical and mystical properties, the sapphire has a wide range of effects on humans. It is said to have physical as well as spiritual effects.

What are the physical effects from Sapphires on the body?

The sapphire is said to have a positive effect on the body in the following physical diseases:  

• Eye problems, inflammations, cataract.

• General inflammations

• Head ailments

• Hair loss

• Skin diseases

• Nerve pain

• Neuralgias

• Rheumatism

• Colics

• Chronic and injury-related pain

• Jaw, forehead and sinus diseases

The sapphire has its strongest effect on the throat chakra. When the sapphire is placed on the neck as a healing stone or worn around the neck as a gemstone, it provides quick relief from hoarseness, sore throat or sinusitis, for example. The healing stone also has a positive effect on problems with teeth and gums or thyroid dysfunction. In addition, it can help well with tension in the area of the cervical spine and neck. A yellowish sapphire performs best on the forehead chakra. There it helps against migraine, headaches, colds, eye problems or even sinusitis. Hormonal ailments are attenuated and glandular function in the body is regulated. Green sapphires are assigned to the heart chakra. There they have a positive effect on high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, asthma, allergies and circulatory disorders.

The effect of sapphire on the human psyche

The stone is strong and energetic, it acts directly on our psyche. From there, it establishes the connection with the human body, which provides relaxation, balance, concentration and straightforwardness. For the achievement of set goals, it mobilizes our mental power by uplifting the thoughts. The sapphire amulet helps to avoid anger and overreaction, at the same time we use it to overcome learning difficulties and exam anxiety. This comes from calming the nerves.

The sapphire penetrates deep into the body, mind and soul and establishes a connection with the body. This connection provides relaxation and balance at the highest level. The sapphire brings concentration and straightforwardness. To achieve set goals, it mobilizes the power of the mind and straightens the thoughts. An amulet with the blue gemstone helps to avoid anger and overreactions. It prevents outbursts of temper and strengthens the concentration of thoughts. As a healing stone, it helps to overcome learning difficulties and exam anxiety. At the same time, it strengthens the nerves, calms them and strengthens them. This soothes the mind and strengthens the willpower.

Wishes and goals are realized straightforwardly and with vigor. Inner peace and spiritual growth as well as clarity are promoted. As a master, the blue gemstone helps to align the imagination and the will so that wishes can be realized. It gives self-control, self-determination and discipline. Virtues such as loyalty, friendship, love and hope are promoted. Psychologically caused diseases the stone alleviates by promoting the will to recover and activating the self-healing powers. It proves to be very helpful in stressful situations, as it counteracts and reduces the symptoms.  

Sapphire Stone and Its Effects

The blue sapphire stands for calm and peace, it soothes the mind and gives serenity. It strengthens the nerves, has a relaxing effect and can help us to face the adversities of everyday life with more self-control. The sapphire gives new willpower and greater stamina, lets us pursue our goals more persistently. It makes us more concentrated and focused, takes away our doubts and worries. It can also alleviate exam anxiety and learning difficulties, because it provides mental clarity. With its energy it is easier to assert oneself and to live self-determined.

The sapphire brings concentration and straightforwardness, directs the thoughts to set goals and mobilizes our mental power to achieve them. It makes self-critical and promotes the desire for knowledge and wisdom, helps with delusions and makes sober and clear. In addition, it helps to reduce symptoms of stress. In addition, the sapphire is said to protect travelers, keep lightning away and give peace to its owner.

Sapphire Stone Effects

What spiritual effects does the sapphire have?

An important main stone is the sapphire for the zodiac sign Pisces. The gemstone promotes his spiritual strength and stamina. If the Pisces carries a sapphire with him, it is easier for him to accept criticism without immediately wanting to dive.

An important secondary stone is the sapphire for the zodiac sign Capricorn. With the sapphire the otherwise so down-to-earth, dutiful and ambitious Capricorn finds it less difficult to follow his feelings and to develop more fantasy.

Even the ancient Greeks revered this gemstone as the stone of wisdom, loyalty, prudence and reason. The Egyptians called the blue sapphire the stone of fidelity, which brings more togetherness in marriage. As one of the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem, the sapphire is also mentioned in the Bible. But also Hildegard v. Bingen, bishops and kings revered the sapphire as a protective and healing stone. Thus, the sapphire is still considered a gemstone and healing stone of the highest energy.

It was considered the stone of truth, fidelity, prudence and reason. Stuttering children were supposed to wear it with a chalcedony close to their neck. Sapphire was said to protect against infidelity and kill the feelings of hatred. King Solomon's ring is said to have contained a sapphire. Since the 6th century, every cardinal has worn a sapphire ring on his right, blessing hand as a celibacy ring.

The chakras of the sapphire

Sapphire acts on the fifth, the throat chakra, and on the sixth, the forehead chakra. In the Vedic astrology of Jyotish it is associated with Saturn. Western astrology recommends the sapphire especially for the signs Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

The blue sapphire penetrates us particularly well on our forehead chakra tending to the throat or through the third eye. Since sapphire is a very strong and stubborn stone, we can use it as a light bringer for all chakras depending on our needs. We feel, better, that body, mind and soul belong together and only when these also harmonize together, we feel wisdom, love and happiness.  

Sapphire works best on the throat chakra, but can also be used on the third eye, the brow chakra. Yellow gemstones can be applied on the Solar Plexus Chakra. Green sapphires should be placed on the heart chakra.

- Main Chakra: Third Eye, Throat Chakra.

- Chakras: Third eye, throat chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra.

Sapphire also makes us shine younger and fresher beyond meditation. People who regularly carry sapphire experience greater mental vitality and more resistance of their body.  

Especially in the third eye, sapphire enables not only recognition and seeing, but also weighing and understanding. The sapphire is also a transforming stone for you, softer protects against attacks of envious fellow men and evil forces. In this regard, however, it is not only a warner, but even gives you the ability to recognize your enemies.

The Sapphire and its Zodiac Sign

The sapphire is an important main stone for the zodiac sign of Pisces. This gemstone enhances his spirituality and gives him the ability to accept criticism and assert himself. But the sapphire is also an important secondary stone for the zodiac sign Capricorn, because it increases his spirituality.

Sapphire Stone Effects

Use of the Sapphire Stone

The gemstone unfolds its optimal effect when it is placed directly on the affected part of the body. Also as a piece of jewelry, for example, in the form of a chain worn directly on the body, it transmits its energies. It is particularly effective when worn visibly on the neck, as it gratefully absorbs the power of the sun. As a gemstone water or essence, it transmits its aspects very well.

To make a gemstone essence, the cleaned stone is placed in a glass bowl with water. Then it just needs time to transmit its energies and powers. This is promoted by good exposure to sunlight. But the sapphire is not only popular as a jewelry and healing stone. Because of its hardness and abrasion resistance, it is found in many watches and other precision electrical devices as a stabilizer. In optical devices like lasers or LED lights it is used because of its infrared and UV transmission. Especially for technical devices a real gemstone is usually too valuable. Therefore it is also produced synthetically.

Origin of the Sapphire Stone

The property of these special gemstones that they remain unchanged unlike humans, animals and plants, made them something divine for people early on. They were and are often used as amulets or lucky charms. Sapphire as corundum is formed from rocks that have a high concentration of aluminum and sodium. Thereby the temperature and pressure conditions are very high. Especially in magmatic rocks like granite, but also in metamorphic rocks like gneiss or marble sapphires are formed. The formation pattern is mostly massive black grained, columnar or barrel-shaped. The gemstone is mined at countless sites worldwide. Depending on the mining area also the color variety varies.

Therefore, the following countries and colors of sapphire are often associated with each other. Sri Lanka is considered the world's most famous and valued sapphire source for fine qualities. In addition, sapphires of various colors are also found in Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Cambodia, Ethiopia, as well as in the United States (Montana) and Australia (Queensland).  

Proper care for Sapphires

One should clean the sapphire regularly after use under lukewarm running water. Discharge sapphire necklaces overnight in a dry bowl with rock crystal tumbled stones. Sapphires are very strong stones which cannot be discharged by water. To discharge, place the sapphire in a bowl with hematite and rock crystal tumbled stones overnight.

Sapphire Stone Effects

Over time, the sapphire loses energy and power. Purification involves three distinct processes: unloading, purifying, recharging. Discharging takes away the bad influences and properties absorbed by the gemstone so that it can work again. Especially in direct body contact, a static charge is created that cannot be removed with water alone. The gemstone is discharged with hematite tumbled stones, in which it is best placed overnight. In this way, information that the stone has absorbed and stored during wearing is erased again.

The very powerful stone needs regular discharging and cleansing. The targeted charging strengthens the energies and thus the healing effects of the gemstone. The most gentle way to charge the stone is to place it in sunlight at sunrise and sunset. A rock crystal supports the charging process. The sunlight has the optimal quality for charging when we humans can look directly into the sun. Therefore, midday is not suitable, because the quality of light is rather discharging. Through warmth like the body heat the effect of the stones intensifies. In order for the stone to radiate its effect and positive properties for as long as possible, proper care is required.

Can healing stones lose their effect?

Yes, over time the sapphire can lose energy and power. Purification includes three different processes: discharging, purifying, recharging. Discharging takes away the bad influences and properties absorbed by the gemstone so that it can work again. Especially in direct body contact, a static charge is created that cannot be removed with water alone. The gemstone is discharged with hematite tumbled stones, in which it is best placed overnight. In this way, information that the stone has absorbed and stored during wearing is erased again.

The sapphire as a healing stone - why buy at Ceylons Munich?

The sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones, in addition to its beauty, rarity and hardness. We are specialized in the sapphire, through our deposits and mines in Sri Lanka. We know the exact origin and treatment and as a pioneer for sustainably mined sapphires, we stand for fair working conditions for people and nature. The effect of a sapphire, is greatest with a natural, untreated sapphire. We get these stones directly through our direct mine access. A unique selling proposition that others cannot say about themselves. Especially high quality sapphires always receive a certificate (gemstone report) from us, in order to assure the gemstone criteria and its value from an independent third party.  

However, we only specialize in very fine qualities of sapphires, which means that through our network of goldsmiths and jewellers we can only recommend a sapphire with healing properties that is of extremely fine quality in terms of color, transparency, clarity, symmetries and proportions, and the best cut quality. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity for inferior qualities and do not offer these sapphires. Through our expertise, network and direct mine access, we stand for finest sapphire qualities in more polished form, faceted in all shapes or as cabochon.  

Please let your goldsmith, jeweller or gemstone expert advise you which gemstone or sapphire is suitable for you, for your desired effect and the decided criteria, about origin, treatment and mining conditions on site.


What are the effects of a gemstone?

Gemstones act directly over the skin, as the vibrations reach all organs directly via the autonomic nervous system. Thus, with the help of gemstone healing, not only the hormone regulation can be specifically influenced, but also the immune system or the nerve conductions.

What effect does a sapphire have?

The sapphire has the ability to calm the nerves and strengthen them. Thus, it has a calming effect on the mind. At the same time, the sapphire strengthens the willpower of its owner and allows goals or wishes to be realized straightforwardly and with drive.

The often blue stone stands for peace, purity and tranquility. People who believe in healing stones also see special qualities in sapphires. It is said to help with determination, calm the nerves and help with better concentration. In addition, it has many other effects on the body and psyche of man.

How many healing stones can I wear?

In general, not too many stones should be combined with each other, because the individual healing effects can become blurred due to the many inherent information. Less is also more when wearing healing stones.

Where should healing stones be worn?

Whether as a pendant in a setting around the neck, in the form of a donut on a chain around the neck or wrist, as a ring on the finger or raw stone in the pocket, the energy of the healing stone is continuously delivered to us. Direct skin contact is of course the most effective.

Do gemstones really have a healing effect?

Gemstones work directly through the skin, as the vibrations reach all organs directly through the autonomic nervous system. Thus, with the help of gemstone healing, not only can hormone regulation be specifically influenced, but also the immune system or nerve conductions.

How long does it take for a healing stone to take effect?

Sometimes already after 20 minutes. Your own perception plays an important role. Your body quickly gets used to the energy of the healing stone and is thus perceived differently over a longer period of wearing. Even the time of day can play a role. Your healing stone should not be worn all the time. More effective is the use, if stimuli are set again and again. As the healing stone quietly for a few hours or days to its sides to unfold its maximum power.


CEYLONS | MUNICH stands for the finest Ceylon sapphires. A brand committed to responsible mining of Sri Lankan gemstones obtained in an ethical manner.

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